Our Philosophy

Your means to a beautiful end...........


"God will continue to support His servant,
till His servant continues to support His servants." (Saying of Prophet Mohammad s.a.w)


'Lahaute' means the highest spiritual state. A term taken from an inspirational verse by the prolific poet and philosopher Allama Mohammad Iqbal, in which he addresses the 'Momin' (spiritually enlightened person) as the bird that flies in the highest skies In this beautiful verse, he says, pursuing anything that hampers your spiritual flight is worthless.


This concept has been selected to keep our foundation's short term goals aligned with the ultimate goal that transcends this life.


Often, we forget. The person who is asking you 'sa'il', has come to offer you something. You will gain a lot more than what he will gain from you. When we give to the creation of God, He, the most Generous is the giver.


These are not acts of generosity. These are fulfillment of our responsibilities.


When you give, give it with a smile. When you pray, get up with a spirit of anticipation.


The greatest gift to you from God is to test you. It strips you of your reliance on everything else. When the boat rocks, your prayers become sincere. No wonder, the prayers of the oppressed are the ones that reach the heavens.

You will not have faith without being tested. Thus, it is said that ease is a greater test than hardship. Everyone has resources to assist another. Whether it is one's time, effort, skill, attention, care, concern or love for another human being. It is not only monetary help. If you are unable to contribute towards any of the programs here, make sincere prayer for the ones going through hardships and more for ourselves as we have a greater test in ease.


Intention is always followed by action. Make this commitment and the way will appear.......


Belief is not a claim. But a claim that you prove right. You will not be a believer until you love one another. The people of faith like the Sahaba saw service to other people
the way to God. Allah entrusted us with the people around us. When God praises the 'best people, those who care about people', are leaders of Taqwa.


"Whoever loves for Allah, gives for Allah, withholds for Allah, he completed his eimaan."  Ahadith on a sign of Eimaan (Belief)