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Baba Miskeen and Bibi

Start Date:
Friday, 22 May 2020
End Date:
Saturday, 22 May 2021
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What are the lives of Baba Miskeen and Bibi like?

Baba Miskeen and his wife live in the mountains of Chatri village Kutwal.

  • This elderly couple has no children.
  • They live in a mud n wood constructed dilapidated single room home.
  • The home is in poor condition and in the harsh cold and rainy weather they need a properly constructed home.
  • The home is located quite aways away from the road and it takes a hike of about 45 mins to reach through difficult rocky terrain.  Because Bibi is unwell and very weak she cannot be taken to visit a doctor.
  • Instead, our rural hub arranges for a doctor to reach her when our team visits to take the food ration to their home.
  • Baba Miskeen, sells wood to earn Rs. 2000-3000 (approx US$15/month)
  • They live below poverty. They live where they do because they own that piece of land.

What have we done so far for them?

  • We provide monthly food ration to them along with a cash amount of Rs. 5000/- so that they can purchase vegetables and other items of need.
  • We have installed a small solar panel at their home so they can have light.
  • Our wonderful women at the stitching unit of our rural hub in Kutwal have stitched clothes for them.
  • We have a local doctor pay them a visit periodically to see to their well being and provide needed meds for which the foundation pays.

What we need to do?

  • We need to construct a secure home for them so that before this winter arrives they have a safe environment to live in. A single room with verandah, kitchen, and bathroom. We seek sponsors to raise $4500.
  • We are looking for a sponsor to take this opportunity to care for this elderly couple's monthly expense of food ration plus cash which amounts to Rs.10,000 (US$ 63/month)