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Home for Shahnaz Bibi

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Friday, 03 July 2020
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Monday, 31 August 2020
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From time to time we share with you a cause close to our hearts.  Making a home for Shahnaz Bibi and her children is one such purpose we are reaching out to you all who have joined hands in making many an act possible.  Here below we are sharing some facts.

  • About Shahnaz Bibi and her children (Names changed for privacy)
    • Shahnaz Bibi is a single parent raising four children aged 7 to 14 yrs.
    • Her eldest daughter 14 yrs. is physically and mentally challenged from birth.
    • Shahnaz Bibi became a widow four years ago when her husband passed away in a car accident.
  • What is her current source of income?
    • She works as domestic help for several households in Abbottabad and makes a total of Rs.8000/month.
    • Her four brothers share a single shop doing carpentry. Each contributes Pk Rupees 1000/month to assist their sister for a total of Rs.4000/month.
  • What are her current living arrangements like?
    • The family currently lives in a rented room in a crowded location in Abbottabad for Rs.3000 per month.
    • For work she has to leave her children including her special care child at home in the care of her 12 year old daughter.
  • Community assistance:
    • We further community involvement and encourage families to lend a hand in such works.
    • Shahnaz Bibi’s brothers pledge to take charge of getting family members together to provide free labor to help build her this home. However, we would like to be able to compensate those who are themselves in need of work.
  • How did our team learn about her? To date visits.
    • Shahnaz Bibi visited our rural hub in Kutwal June 2020, filing a request to assist her with the construction of her home.
    • Our team visited her rented place and family in Abbottabad where she is currently living and working. We met with her and her children.
    • Our team later visited the site where she has a piece of land through her husband. We met with her brothers who offered to do the labor free of cost. We also ensured the piece of land is in her name and the related paperwork. Recently our team finalized and approved the project for a go ahead.
  • What is OUR GOAL to bring substantial ease in their current situation?
    • To construct a home for her and her children in village Gali Banyan on the piece of land of her late husband’s inheritance. She requests a home be constructed there so she may live close to family who can care for her children while she goes to the city to earn a living.
    • A simple home of one large room, kitchen, bathroom and verandah will cost approx. US$ 4500.
  • How to Donate and participate in providing Shahnaz Bibi and her children a home?
    • Donate via PayPal by visiting our website:
    • Or Mail out a check to ‘Lahaute Foundation’
    • Mailing address: PO.Box 532, Merrimack NH 03054
    • Feel free to call us or email us if you have any questions:
    • PH: 909 979 2100 E: /
    • Visit our website:
    • Follow us on Facebook LahauteFoundation
    • We share the progress of our projects on our Facebook page. You can see projects we have previously been involved in through videos and pictures posted.

We remind ourselves first, that showing gratitude to God is not a mere act of speech, rather the fullest form of its manifestation is giving to others in need out of this gratitude that one feels.

May God increase you in acts of gratitude which is an act of beauty. Indeed, God is al Shakir, the most appreciative.

This first video is of our representative's visit to Shahnaz Bibi's rented room in the city of Abbottabad:


This second video is of our representative's meeting with Shanaz Bibi, her brothers, and father-in-law at the location of Shanaz Bibi's future home.


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