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Feed The Laborers

Start Date:
Friday, 24 July 2020
End Date:
Sunday, 25 July 2021
Goal Amount:
Donated Amount:

The Divine Speech on the significance of feeding those in need

It is profound that feeding a person in need is an expiation for a number of acts God made obligatory for believers.  The significance of this act cannot be overstated. In one of the several places God invites humankind to righteousness through the act of feeding another in need, in surah entitled "Al-Insan", Allah the Exalted Says : 

"And they give food in spite of love for it to the needy, the orphan, and the captive…" [Quran 76:8]


In the spirit of what the Merciful Compassionate Loving Rabb prescribes and our prophets have taught us

through their exemplary lives, we begin in His Name a program that we pray continues by His Grace.

"Feed The Laborers" is a program we began with the blessed day of 1st Dhul Hajj.  We invite you to partake of this act of goodness that promises God's pleasure, increase in rizq (sustenance), increase in piety and hence nearness to God, and a promise of a reward that is unending.  

We are distributing meals to laborers working at construction sites in Rawalpindi/Islamabad.  It is here that the laborers come from the Northern areas of Pakistan, leaving their families and homes to get work in the city.  And the city such as Islamabad is known for being the most expensive in the country.  The laborers often end up sleeping on the footpaths, in the verandahs of the market places or in cramped quarters with many men sharing a single room.  With money to be sent back home which often comprises of several family members, they are unable to purchase food that suffices.  Considering how hard their daily labor is, in scorching heat with no amenities on-site,  they are in most need of small acts of kindness in the form of a simple meal.  The lunches are delivered on site.  Please see the pictures from 1st of Dhul Hajjah.

 Here are some details of the 'Feed the Laborers'"

  • What is the cost per meal?

    The meal cost a meager amount.
    • 3 Rotis with lentil or vegetable stew, some dates, packaging and logistical costs
      Rs.100 / US$ 0.60
    • 3 Rotis with Meat dish, some dates packaging and logistical costs
      Rs.140 / US$ 0.85

  • What is the goal per day? And what will it cost you?

    We invite you to join hands in the worthy act of feeding those in need.  Our goal is to feed at least 50 laborers daily.  For you to feed 50 laborers in a day it will cost you only Rs. 5,982 / US$ 36.25

    For you to feed 50 every day including Friday, Saturday and Sunday for an entire month it comes to about US$ 1100.00 only.

  • Can I book particular days in a month?  Or give at random?

    Absolutely.  You can write to us for particular days or when one feels like giving sadaqah.  A very small amount will have immense khair (all that good) by God's Grace.  

    Every person involved from the one who prepares the meals and packs them, to the one who delivers are all benefitting from this running program that we pray continues with the compassion and generosity of many of our friends.


    Team Lahaute and ArdOSama'a