Bedding Program

With only a $25 contribution you can provide a warm bed to one sleeping in the cold. This will be the best $25 investment you can make. A warm bed to come to with the hunger and cold they have to endure all day with this minimal donation.
$25 provides a mattress, a blanket and a pillow.
Please visit our blog to learn more about this program (links below).

Earth Is Their Bed blog post 1

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Earth is their Bed: Feedback

Assalam u Alaikum wa Rahmatulahi wa Barakatahu (Peace and blessings be upon you)

I must give feedback to the generous beings who stepped forward to join hands in providing a bedding to
ones who have 'Earth as their bed'. May Allah increase you in your Ikhlaas(purity of intention) and accept this deed, Ameen.
These are opportunities from Allah to cleanse our money, to bring us closer to Him, to fulfill our obligations, to increase our ranks, to purify our hearts and to give us Falah 'Success'.

Alhamdulillah, most deserving of men and women took home the bedding you provided from your hard earned money. Imagine the comfort of a warm bed in a cold night. Imagine, a mother's ability to put her sick child in a warm bed when the home has no fire, and there is nothing hot to drink or eat. Most of these people are Afghan refugees living in mud houses as in the picture below. They cannot cook, as there is no stove, gas, or other resources to have the fire going. They hang out at Tandoors where they wait inline for a generous being to donate some bread from the Tandoor.


On a rainy day, we set out hoping in our hearts we will find some women perhaps widows whom we can
hand these beddings to. A wish that we thought is a far cry since on this cold and rainy day, women usually are not seen on the road sides where we were trying to an keep our eye on. But to our amazement, down the road, as it was evening already, next to a Tandoor on either side of it were women and children lined up sitting on the floor trying to stay warm together while waiting for someone to come donate some bread...their dinner for that day.

We got to know the people running this small Tandoor, from Kabul themselves, had empathy towards their fellow community living through hard times. Genuinely kind and looking for every opportunity to assist their welfare. May Allah reward them immensely.

Waiting and hoping to get a free blanket and a matt.

I wonder this could be my father, my brother....would I still be
looking at him as just one in millions, who is living in abject poverty
or would he have been the one person I cared most about and for whom I would
do everything in my power to make his life a little better.

Yes there are millions. But we can think of each as a person, a father, a son, a brother. The numbers do not diminish the fact that it could be I or my loved one sitting on the pavement waiting for hours in cold to be handed a free blanket. The truth of the matter is, we did nothing to deserve where we were born and in which environment we are raised. We all all given situations where either we are showing Sabr (patience) like this man, or giving Shukr (thanks) by giving in Allah's name.

Extend whatever you have, no matter how little you think, you can. That maybe the one thing
that Allah accepts and makes it the sirat (bridge) you walk on towards Falah (Success)

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