Open Air School in Islamabad

Created: Sunday, 03 June 2012 Written by Lubna Saira

Assalam u Alaikum,

Here I believe is an amazing opportunity for us to avail.
Master Ayub, is one of those extraordinary people you cannot help but admire for his Ikhlaas and selfless dedication. Master Ayub, himself a man of very humble means, rides a bicycle every afternoon to set up this open air school, teaching under privileged children of Islamabad, Pakistan for the last 25 years without receiving a single penny. And the irony is that the park that he teaches in, is in one of the most affluent area in whole of Pakistan (Sector F-6-2).


Converting a public park into a night school, Master Ayub has been able to teach these would be illiterate children with many a success story to show for his efforts. It is set under the sky and registers over 150 students. After their morning duties (in many cases jobs), these children gather in this park every evening from 3.00 pm onwards to get education.
Below are videos of Master Ayub's efforts as covered by Media. His documentary also made it to Al Jazeera TV and newspaper.
Looking at all the coverage they received, as of yesterday November 29th, 2011 these children are still sitting under the sky in the same park in the cold weather!

Ms. Shahina of Lahaute Foundation went yesterday to visit Master Ayub to find out if their problems have been taken care of considering all the coverage they have received from both local and international media. The sad reality is nothing has changed. The children are still under the open sky, on hard bricks, with nothing to protect them from the cold wind.



Local news in Urdu sharing how none of the local Non Profits have helped either, the Government does not anyways. So far this school is running with no funding/assistance from any organization or individuals.


In a televised advertisement of Mobilink a multinational. They used such a man and his mission to sell the brand but how come such a big corporation could not take care of their immediate needs? Makes you wonder?

I invite you to join hands in providing them shoes, and warm uniform to attend the school in. The uniform is to give them an extra set of clothing that is warm and decent enough to attend the school in. Also most of them were found to be in slippers and no sweaters. In Islamabad it is windy and cold these days. Sitting outdoors in the evenings is not easy.

Step 1: To provide urgent funding to clothe them properly:
Cost of complete uniform $25/student. Number of students 75. Total amount required $1875
Step 2: To provide for mats for the hard floor $150
Step 3: To rent a couple of rooms for them to study indoors these winters. $200/month
Step 4: To assist with books and stationary
Step 5: To provide financial aid to students pursuing further education

I would encourage us all to spread the word in your areas and assist in collecting funds however small. It's a joint effort.
If you are unable to contribute at this time, then please make sincere dua that Allah provides us from places we do not expect.
Thank you for reading till the end.