Informal schools of Gharo village, Sindh

Created: Sunday, 08 April 2012 Written by Lubna Saira

Get involved. Help these children living below poverty, to prosper.
Seeking sponsors for multi-grade one room informal schools in Gharro-Sindh, Pakistan.

Driven by the untiring efforts and dedication of a wonderful group of volunteers in Pakistan, five informal schools have been setup, with approx 280 students, in Gharo, Sindh, Pakistan. Our immediate goal is to find sponsors for these five informal schools.

Below is a breakdown costs of one school. We seek sponsors for five such schools. Our priority is the once a year cost of books and uniforms for all of the students, and then only $250/month to run each school.

 Cost breakdown for running one informal school

Per Month
Per Month
Per Year
Per Year
Electricity Rs 2000 $23 Rs 24000 $276
Salary (@ Rs 5500/teacher)
for 2 teachers
Rs 11000 $126 Rs 132000 $1521
 Salary for Supervisor Rs 3500 $40 Rs 42000 $480
Training Material & Transport of Trainers Rs 5000 $58 Rs 60000 $696
Books & Supplies for 60 students
(@Rs 1800 per student)
One time cost   Rs 108000 $1241
Furniture repair     Rs 18000 $207
Uniforms (2 per student
@ Rs 600 per uniform)
One time cost   Rs 72000 $828
Total Rs 21500 $247 Rs 456000 $5241

Exchange Rate used is Rs 87 = US$ 1

One time cost: Expenses in Blue are one time cost per school year
Monthly cost: We are looking for sponsors for our school who can contribute monthly.
$247/month is the expense for running a 60 student multigrade classroom.
$87/year per student (monthly costs plus uniform and books)

Ways to contribute

  • Make a group of friends to be a cosponsor . A group of 5 friends, will only need to donate $50 per month to run one school. Make it yours.
  • To give back, let us teach our children now. Encourage them to form a group of 10 friends so they can give from their monthly allowance $25 to provide education to children like themselves.

You will be the driving force why 60 students will get education, a place that gives them their right to LEARN. A chance, a hope to improve their lives and to rise above poverty.

About the people of the village of Gharo, Sindh.
When our local team entered this region, the children were found drinking from the same vessels as their cattle. They installed tube wells for drinking water and started these informal schools to give the children their right to education. These not only provide them with an opportunity to learn, but a sense of dignity and purpose.

The mothers: a hard life in tough surroundings.
Majority of people living in Gharo are below poverty level.

These children were fortunate to get uniforms. Majority do not have them as yet.
They come to school with ripped clothes. Just a uniform gives equality and a sense of dignity.

Something was related that seemed quite unbelievable. At a special occasion, while visiting Gharo, these children were served meat curry meal. To the volunteers' astonishment, they all pushed the meat to the side to have Roti (flat bread) with the 'Salan' (light curry). They did not touch the meat because they had never had it before in their lives. It is astounding that meat was something so unfamiliar to them in this day and age where fast food chains feed and throw meat out in abundance.

How can you be a part of this effort

  • Many mothers have shared how their children here do not seem to appreciate what they have and are demanding more. They ask, how can we teach our children to GIVE. Get them to join hands and sponsor a school. Let me make an effort to save from the money they are given to sponsor a child, and also help fundraise with their mothers.
  • If you are unable to sponsor a school, shoulder one of the expenses on the list above like the teacher's salary, a few children's uniform, a few children's books.
  • One family can sponsor 60 children's education. The blessings this money will bring to your children's education, to your meals and to your home is immeasurable, for God has abounding Grace and Generosity.

Something to ponder upon
God says to appreciate what one has, look towards others who have less. Staying connected to these souls, who may have little but a lot to offer, will not only make us more grateful human beings for what we have, but it will build in us a resilience, a character that will be able to deal with situations when we are tried with comparatively less, thus making us patient. Having a hand in the education of the less fortunate, has so many benefits in enriching us that cannot be expressed in words.
All I can say is, this one child has a lot more to give me, than I can ever hope to give him.

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