Uniform Distribution

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”
— Margaret Mead, cultural anthropologist
Our team is happy to have reached these beautiful girls with small gifts of uniform packages.
In the background (of the video posted), one can hear the lovely voices of girls learning......you will be glad to know that we will be starting winter camps for children shortly who are struggling at studies. It is understandable that with parents who have not had an opportunity to learn themselves it is especially hard for their children to do well at school.
We see this as an opportunity to get to know the children on a one-on-one basis while providing free tutoring. More importantly, they will have an opportunity to get to learn to use a computer and engage in some interactive learning that is also fun. This is to encourage exploration and discovery and satiate the inquiring nature of the self that is innate and God's gift to humankind alone.
We encourage other extended community in Pakistan to support these endeavors by donating books and toys.
Write with any questions or suggestions. We appreciate your involvement and encouragement.