Livelihood Program

As part of our sustainable livestock program, we share with you a program conducted with the help our local partner al Khidmat to distribute goats to the deserving in Balochistan.

A help in the form of livestock helps a family sustain itself and as it reproduces, it further improves their condition.  It helps them at many different levels.  Goat's milk nourishes them, and can be sold to raise money.  It becomes their asset.

Give a gift that lasts and grows.

Children: Facing a Bleak Future

Look at this beautiful little angel. He is an Afghan refugee in the 'Kachi Abadi' in Islamabad.

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Generosity of the Poor

I wondered why the poor share the last morsel they have with anyone around and the rich don't?
I wondered why the hungry will show dignity and will not take more than what they need but the rich will eat anything free as if they have not eaten for days?

While this thought was in my mind, I happened to come across the answer while listening to a talk on generosity by Hamza Yusuf. He explained, in Arabic, that the word GENEROSITY takes root from the word COURAGE. What keeps us from being generous is our FEAR of losing what we have. It takes courage to overcome that fear and become generous.

I see that the poor doesn't FEAR any loss because there is nothing to lose so she has put her trust in Allah for the next meal that she will get. Her having nothing has given her courage to be generous with the last morsel she has. She believes that where this came from, she will get more. It reminds me of the Ayah in the Quran where Allah asks us to reflect on the birds, how they leave home in the morning to seek His 'Barakah' (blessings, it is also described as "the greater good" derived from any act), return home with sustenance for that day and trust Allah for the next day's assistance.

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