Children: Facing a Bleak Future

Created: Friday, 11 March 2011 Written by Lubna Saira

Look at this beautiful little angel. He is an Afghan refugee in the 'Kachi Abadi' in Islamabad.

In the cold and reain, no shoes, no warm clothing and a dirty plastic wrap for a toy.

This is where he lives.  'Kachi Abadi' an Afghan refugees settlement with mud houses.

This loverly little red head with green jewelry caught my eye

Eating donated rice at a Tandoor out in the cold: Still smiling

Waiting with her mon at a Tandoor for free bread

After rain, the cold icreased: You see how the littel one is clad?


Would you help?

These pictures were taken during my last visit in February 2011. This Kachi Abadi is home to a large number of Afghan refugees settled in Islamabad, Pakistan. They have settled here for some years now with no improvement in sight, in fact with the high inflation it is getting even more and more difficult to make enough to feed their children. When it rains, the homes get damaged or are washed away. We build them again from scratch, one of the residents shared. They cannot cook at home, with no gas, stove or drainage. They gather at the Tandoors (bread shop) and wait for hours for someone to donate bread or on a lucky day bread with curry. We got to know more about them, as we distributed beddings from the funds raised for our Bedding program. There were too many to provide for and too few beds compared to the need.
If you would like to contribute towards helping them please write directly to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..