Little Ismail passed away

(See the first flood refugees blog post about the birth of Mohammad Ismail just last month)

One month old Mohammad Ismail passed away last night. Met with Faryaad Bibi, the young mother this morning. I could see shock and disbelief in her big beautiful eyes. "Allah ki marzi" as Allah willed she said. She contacted me a little while ago "tu nai tasveer li thi mujhai dikha dai ji? Who raat ko faut ho giya?" "You took Mohammad Ismail's picture; can you show it to me? He died last night." I had no words for the sense of loss and failure in being able to provide proper care of this family and the newborn. "It must be the cold, it must be the unhygienic conditions . . . it is our neglect."

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Meet Hafizaan Bibi, a courageous woman


I have known Hafizaan Bibi for many years now. She is a very courageous woman with little resources and great accomplishments. Little or no education but great wisdom.

I would like to share where she is in her life journey now. She does not cease to amaze me every time I visit Pakistan only to find out she is up to something bigger and better.
She is a widow who not only lost her husband to an extended illness, but also lost her son with disability, and a grandson only in past few months. Yet I see her back on her swift feet changing buses to get aid to meet the needs of the 21 children who reside in the masjid she has built in 2008.

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Flood Refugees in Lahore

 This beautiful baby was born October 11th 2010, just the night before we visited this family. Her cries could be heard by others at night in this tent when she was giving birth. No comforts but a fabric tent made from scraps, a broken 'charpai' (reed bed) and a couple of utensils. No running water, no medicine, not even some 'mithai' (traditional sweets) to give to others in tents around to celebrate the birth of your child. Yet I find this young mother similing at me as I meet her. It makes me wonder with admiration for these amazing souls. Look at what she has and look at the true 'Alhamdulillah' (thanks and praise to Allah) with a genuine smile coming from a content soul.

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