Food Ration Distribution: FATA IDP's

When there is no peace, all other aspects of life are disrupted.  Life becomes a struggle of basic survival. People of FATA are going through this survival. Imagine having to leave your home, belongings, job and education to seek protection for ones' life and having to stand in lines to get water and food for ones' family when enough of it is not around to be shared.
“They have left their homes to avoid the effects of armed conflicts, bomb blasts, shelling, drone attacks and various other kinds of terrorist attacks which have absolutely shattered peace of the region."

Dr. Ashraf Ali, President FATA Research Centre, said on Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who have come from Kurram, Khyber, and Orakzai Agencies, and South Waziristan because of the on-going military operations against TTP.

Sharing your contribution towards them.

Food Ration Program

Sponsor a food package for a family

  • Cost per food package Rs. 2000/- (approx US$ 21.00)
  • Flour 10kg
  • Sugar 3kg
  • Cooking oil 3kg
  • Pulses(Chana) 2kg
  • Pulses(Black chana) 2kg
  • Supreme tea 100gms 

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Zakat and Food Distribution in Ramadan

Lahaute Volunteers in Pakistan, identified deserving recipients for Zakat entrusted to us, one person at a time. All these deserving in the pictures are working hard to make a living. Our objective was to aid those who do not extend a hand but are in great need. Zakat was given in envelopes with Eid Mubarik wishes. As we heard first hand narratives from the volunteers, we realized from the reaction of the recipients that they were totally surprised to find money in the envelopes. Many a times, the recipient stood for long with the envelope in hand staring in disbelief.

Our gratitude to the volunteers who themselves were fasting and roaming the streets to identify the rightful owners of this Zakat. Thank you for entrusting us with your Zakat.