Food Ration Program

Sponsor a food package for a family

  • Cost per food package Rs. 2000/- (approx US$ 21.00)
  • Flour 10kg
  • Sugar 3kg
  • Cooking oil 3kg
  • Pulses(Chana) 2kg
  • Pulses(Black chana) 2kg
  • Supreme tea 100gms 

Lahore, 24-03-2013: Lahaute Foundation with its local partner Al-Khidmat distributed 275 food packages among poor and deserving Widows.

The food distribution took place in Lahore and Ferozewalla, Punjab.
Lahaute Foundation has collaborated with Al Khidmat in various other projects like waterwells, wheel-chairs, winter packages, and food distribution, before.

For news coverage & pictures of the program, at Al Khidmat's site please click the following link:

Al Khidmat Web News

A video of Lubna of Lahaute Foundation talking to one of the food package recipients.


The process followed in identifying beneficiaries is clearly laid out. In this case the beneficiaries were widows with children, most of whom work yet still have insufficient income to feed their children and keep a shelter over their heads.

Our local partner shared detailed records of each of the deserving, narrowed down after a thorough process that involved their team physically visiting each of their homes to ascertain their situations.

In one of the pictures you can see records kept that are being shared. This ration was given free of cost as fidya from one our donors, however usually through these food banks food ration is offered to them on cost price. Food ration at cost prices is made possible with the help of the mills who have agreed to sell these essentials at cost price, however the quantities are limited thus it is available only to the lowest income group.