Southern California Muslim Mothers sponsor Public Kitchen

I needed to share some news of 'Khair' (goodness) for the generosity our sisters in Southern California have shown in feeding the hungry in Pakistan.

The brothers in the pictures below have been your guest for a whole week, sisters!
We are grateful to you for trusting us with your hard earned money and giving us Taufiq to help reach the deserving.

Brothers saying Dua (prayer) before meal


About 125-150 people ate every night at 6.00 pm for a whole week.
Chicken Curry and wheat Roti were served.
Approx 900 people fed with $416 ($0.40 per meal).
One of the sisters entrusted us with her Zakat money which went a long way in continuing with this and other programs.
Insha Allah each person sitting on these 'dastarkhwan' will bear witness to the sisters who contributed to feeding them that day when they had no food.

What Khair these mothers and sisters in Southern California spread here and what wealth they accumulated with Allah Subhaanu Taala.