Wheelchair Program

$60 gets a mobility challenged person a good quality wheelchair. We have shared pictures of a few brothers who allowed our team to take pictures so that others would be encouraged to help more deserving. We have a list of people requesting a wheelchair. They are asking because they have not been able to afford one in their lives. It improves their quality of life and makes them more productive.

Following up to see what difference such a small assistance made we have found optimism and hope that his or her life can change for better is foremost. Many of the physically disabled have been so since childhood and hoped for no change. Secondly, the dignity and self respect that comes with being able to sit on a chair and be able to do the everyday things in life without having to ask someone for it. It is indeed a very beautiful gift that becomes part of the beneficiary's life and assists in bringing numerous other blessings in the person's life.

Give a gift this valuable, the blessings you receive will be immeasurable by the generosity of the Creator who watches over all and tests one who has with what he has and one who doesn't have for what he doesn't have.