Wheelchairs for General Hospital, Lahore Pakistan

We received an urgent request from our partners in Pakistan, Al Khidmat Foundation, for $1600 needed to provide 20 wheelchairs for patients of General Hospital in Lahore Pakistan. The response from our kind and generous donors was prompt, and we were able to raise the funds quickly.

Imagine the blessings received for every sick person who gets to use the wheelchair to move from one ward to another and these blessings continue throughout the day and for years insha Allah. What beautiful way to visit a sick and help one in need. What a beautiful Sadaqah!

These wheelchairs were custom made for hospital use and presented to General Hospital on January 8th, 2014 in a cermony attended by representatives of Al Khidmat Foundation and members of General Hospital's governing body. On this occasion Dr. Amjad Shahzad, the Medical Superintendent General Hospital Lahore, recorded a video thanking Lahaute Foundation and Al Khidmat Foundation. The audio is in Urdu, with English subtitles.