Water well operational in village of Kinro Kolhi

Water well operational in village of Kinro Kolhi, District Tharparkar, Sindh Pakistan

Happy to share village Kinro Kolhi has a new water well that was sponsored by friends of Lahaute, with reporting and monitoring done by Synergien our local team to ensure that we deliver a service to the village and the sponsors to the best of our abilities. A thorough process was followed to get these wells constructed. FRDP was our field partner whom we thank for their hard work and for diligently following our specifications and a rigorous process Lahaute required of them.

Some pictures are shared to show a snapshot of the entire process; from community organization, ground breaking with dua', construction to completion and handover.

May He make every drop of water count as a blessing for everyone involved and make it a source of continued charity, ameen.

If you would like to gift a water well to a village in the name of your loved ones, write to us for details. We have several villages identified that are opportunities for this continued charity.


Water well operational in village of Mureed Motarr

Water well operational in village of Mureed Motarr.....

About 200 individuals in this village in Islamkot, Tharparkar, Pakistan are using this water well. May every drop of water be a source of blessing for those who sponsored and worked on it.

One must wonder at the man who risks his life going down 105 ft deep into the earth, in a confined space for days to earn a living for his family. One must ponder on the value of such hard labor, such pure earnings, and such sacrifice for feeding his family. That is the kind of beauty humans are capable of. And we have often found such beauty of the soul in abundance where poverty resides.

May God grant them eternity where this beauty of soul matches comforts of life, Ameen. Step forward and sponsor a water well, sponsor an orphan's education, aid a widow so that these acts may elevate beauty in our souls.